Monday, June 30, 2014

Private Venus - A Duca Lamberti Noir

by Giorgio Scerbanenco
This English translation of Scerbanenco’s classic Italian Crime novel is remarkably modern in its sensibilities. Fans of European crime/thrillers fiction will love the “exotic” setting of 1965 Milan. The disgraced physician-turned-investigator Duca Lamberti is memorable and iconic.

The Whitefire Crossing

by Courtney Schafer
The first book of The Shattered Sigil, is a debut fantasy novel that is an exciting and fun adventure storyt. It’s got thieves, and necromancers, and rock climbing! This is the kind of novel that made you a fan of fantasy fiction in the first place. Don’t miss it!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Summer Prince

by Alaya Dawn Johnson
Set in a post-apolyptic world but a futuristic city Johnson merges art & politics into a novel about friendship and revolution. Everything has a surprising twist to it including the obligatory love story!   

Thomas World

By Richard Cox
Dick head’s take note -- this novel is a witty, insightful homage to all that you love about P. K. Dick! What is reality, and why does life seem strangely unreal? Find out in Thomas World. Take note of the cover, and see if you can tell which former home of PKD is hidden in the cover.